A New Day Has Dawned

Still fighting the fatigue and trying to get caught up…but in better spirits today than I have been lately. I have no commitments this evening after work and I am hoping my body will allow me to get some things done before I need to collapse – there is much to be done! I’m holding out hope that it will.

Some happy thoughts for today:

Beginning Friday at 1 PM, I am off until Thursday. We are closed Monday and Tuesday but I asked if I could have off Wednesday as well. Sarah & Joe are hosting their annual 4th of July extravaganza and Kim, Brian & Emma will be visiting from Connecticut, so I want to be able to relax and catch up without feeling like I have to rush home and get to bed to get ready for work the next day. Plus there is much to be done at home and I have at least one home improvement project I WILL get accomplished this weekend (if I can coerce my dad or David into helping!!)

I’m having the ladies over Friday night to work on a project for the youth to take to Workcamp and give to their residents as gifts. We are decorating terra cotta flower pots and giving them a packet of flower seeds. Any ideas for good verses to put on the seed packets?? Last year, our kids felt like they were not supported by the church so this year, we are endeavoring to change that in quite a few ways.

I’m having dinner and seeing the great Tommy Conwell this weekend. I love Tommy! And my dear friend Kris has never seen him, so we are having an outing. Outings are good…especially to The Blue Comet!

I am really excited about Workcamp. It’s coming up fast! I’ve really been struggling with that being my only “vacation” scheduled this summer and feeling like I needed to do something for myself (selfishly) when I read Bev’s blog

today. Her post not only convicted me but reminded me that a missions trip can be a vacation – a vacation from the norm, a vacation from not focusing on what’s important as you should and reevaluating how you spend your time. I am thankful for the opportunity to go on this trip and minister to the people we’ll meet…and as always, God brought me that reminder at just the right time.

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