On and On and On and On

The list:

1. Do 87 loads of laundry
2. Change the sheets
3. Vacuum
4. Clean up around the house
5. Clean the fridge
6. Fill bird feeders
7. Clean cat bowls
8. Buy & plant flowers
9. Look at houses to buy
10. Move office stuff from Pastor’s house
11. Organize spare room to accomodate church copier & supplies
12. Create staffing list and orders of service for Children’s Ministry through June
13. Run nametags for children for the next 10 weeks
14. Label tags so children are grouped
15. Run errands
16. Look through, choose, compile, print & crop (from approximately 1000 down to about 200) photos
17. Create a scrapbook for The One Who is Leaving
18. Print & copy VBS fliers and registration forms
19. Copy skits for VBS
20. Schedule VBS meeting
21. Schedule workcamp meeting for adults
22. Schedule a workcamp meeting for youth to work on projects
23. Buy tshirts for youth
24. Buy dye
25. Buy buckets
26. Review all workcamp forms
27. Get transportation form completed
28. Get adult background check verification forms signed
29. Ask for insurance info on all youth
30. Make copies of all forms and send to workcamp powers that be
31. Plan youth group lesson
32. Find out where our Women of Faith seats are
33. Unload Women of Faith seats on someone else
34. Start planning women’s retreat
35. Order women’s retreat kit
36. Buy new ink cartridge for printer

12 down (in no particular order…can’t figure out how to make Blogger do strike-thru), 24 to go!

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