Ah, the long holiday weekend

What a joy it is to not have to go to work!!!!

Things have been crazy busy in my life lately. We’re getting ready for a huge conference at work, so that is taking up a great deal of my time. I’ve had to work late some and also work on the weekends to get things done in time. I know everyone hates doing that, but I REALLY hate doing that. I’m often very good at separating work from life but when I have weeks on end where they blur together, it’s not good. But, so goes life.

The pastoral search continues. Our pastor’s last Sunday is June 18th and we won’t have a permanent pastor in place by then, so we will be lining up some other pastors to fill in in the interim. I’m really praying that we find the right person by mid-summer – not just for us, but also for him and his family. If he has children, it will probably be a difficult transition to move anyway but it would be nice if they could begin the school year here. I’m glad that is going to be how it works out for our current pastor and his family. It’s so hard to uproot kids in general but to start school mid-year is just rough.

The career change plans – at least the ones to become a teacher – are on hold. The cut in pay is substantial and I really have to consider it. I feel like I have finally reached a point where I am not struggling financially as much…and do I really want to go back? If I were in a dual-income situation, it wouldn’t be as hard a decision to make. But I’m not, and so it is what it is. Who knows what will happen down the road. So for now, I think I mentioned before that I am going to take some courses in children’s ministry. We’ll see where that leads. I already lead the program at our church but I’m interested in learning more and growing, both my skills and our program.

And the latest news – I’ve started looking for a house. I rent right now and love my place. I love my landlords – they have been nothing but wonderful. But a townhouse across the street came on the market last week and I really got to thinking. I could rent for the next 25 years or I can take a leap of faith and try to get into a home. I’ve mapped out several things that I want in a home and that I will not compromise on and called a real estate agent many people at church have worked with in the past. I told him it could be a long road, because I am in no hurry and I am going to be very specific. He said he has had clients who took two and three years to find something. And if that’s the case, that’s fine with me. I don’t want to compromise on something like this – it’s a very big deal! Michelle & I looked at two townhomes on Friday night. When we drove up, I wasn’t sure about the neighborhood…and after I spoke with one of the neighbors, I KNEW it wasn’t the place for me!!!! Not a great area, let’s just say that. But I’ve got a list of 32 properties in my price range, two of which are in very nice areas. I may get a chance to see those next weekend…and we shall see.

So that’s about it for now. My life seems to be in a constant state of flux at the moment…I guess it is what it is!! I’ll try to be better about updating. Things are slowing down at work and hopefully, with summer arriving, things will take on a slower pace in life in general. I’m looking forward to some lazy days!!!!

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