Hope deferred makes the heart sick, 
but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.
Proverbs 13:12
Well, it looks like my plans are on hold for a while.  I spoke with the professor again last evening and the cut in pay from what I am making now to a first year teacher’s salary is as I expected – significant – and simply not an option for me the way things are right now financially.
He did encourage me to take the required exams, however, as the results are valid for up to three years.  So I think I will study up a bit and try to take them over the summer/fall.  I am also taking an online course in pastoring children next month, which will help me get back into the scholastic swing of things.
I’m decidedly disappointed but truthfully, this is what I expected.  I’ve been encouraged by some to have faith and just leap anyway but I can’t do that.  I know that God will take care of me and work things out, but I also know that he wants me to be responsible…and the way to do that is not to jump into something I can’t handle at this point.

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