Some Things Really ARE as Easy as They Seem

I spoke to one of the professors from a local university last night.  Given my background, I would simply need to complete (and pass) 5 PRAXIS exams, petition the university to accept me into the Teacher Intern Certification program and I could be teaching by September – THIS September!  The caveat to this is that I would need to teach in an inner-city school for the three years that I am in the program but really, that doesn’t bother me.  He specifically recommended one that he said is nicer and more well-run than many suburban or rural schools.  And there is the option of a more local, smaller city school district, as well as one in the area where I grew up. 
It is possible that I could begin the exams as early as a month from now.  But I am not sure that that is what I want to do.  I feel like I should take some time and study a bit, since some of the concepts they may be testing me on may differ from my background in adult education.  I feel like I should look at some of the other universities and colleges who offer this program and see what their requirements are (I know the testing will be the same).  I feel like I should get my ducks in a row financially, as this most assuredly will amount to a major pay cut for me.  So while I am thrilled to death that this dream really is possible and could be so simple to achieve, I think I need to be a tad bit more practical in my approach to it.  I know there is a need for good teachers and I believe that need will be there next September as well.  The practical side of me says this is the right approach…but the excited, instant gratification part of me is feeling disappointed.

3 thoughts on “Some Things Really ARE as Easy as They Seem

  1. I usually jump before I really process…most of the time it works out okay, but there is a greater chance that it won't. If taking time to get “your ducks in a row” is what you need, then do it. Congrats on your new goals!

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