Time Keeps on Tickin’

Indeed it does.
This week, while I’m still trying working on the physical margin, I’m also finding myself focusing a great deal on the time end of things.  I’m finding that when I try to wedge in activities that should otherwise be relaxing and fun, that really even those things are adding to my stress.  Which really seems ridiculous! 
Way back in the fall, I was very happy to have paired things down and freed myself up for at least two evenings a week, plus at least one or two weekend days.  But then some added responsibilities came up and suddenly I’m finding myself with nary a free moment again.  I have something going on every night this week and had three events on Saturday – two simultaneously in different places!!  I know what a toll this kind of schedule takes on me…I’ve been here before.  And so, this time, I’m determined a change must come.
Last night, I told my home group that I was in need of a hiatus, at least through the summer.  I really struggled with this all day but felt like I was doing my group a disservice by not being fully there for them – on Mondays or otherwise – because of my other responsibilities.  Everyone was great about it and very understanding (thanks, guys!) and made me feel like it was ok.  We’re not dissolving entirely and have planned some gatherings each month to keep up in touch and together, which I think is a great idea.  I feel like a great weight has been lifted from me.  I love these people too much to not give them the time & attention they deserve from a leader and I feel like right now, this is the best alternative. 
I also canceled out on one of my double-booked events.  I feel badly about it but I just can’t do it all. The book also suggested actually scheduling free time on your calendar.  Seems like a silly idea but sometimes that is all you can do to actually take that time for yourself.  And so it shall be!!

One thought on “Time Keeps on Tickin’

  1. I know our group will prevail, and we'll have fun doing it! This lil change will be good all around, as we've all got so much on our proverbial plates.
    Personally, I'm really excited about our plans.

    I pray that things will all fall into place smoothly, and you'll soon feel the peace and tranquility you long for and dearly deserve.


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