Kitty OCD?

Today was one of those days where you think you are being productive but really, things keep going wrong just when you think you’re almost finished and you practically have to start all over. But I am going to put that all aside now and tell you about my little lovebug.

This is Norman.

Norman has obsessive compulsive disorder.

I am certain of it.

He scratches at closet doors incessantly until I open them.

He cries for hours at the basement door, each and every night. If I let him down there, he comes back up quickly. If I close the door, he cries again.

If you bring cardboard into the house, he has to scratch at it incessantly until you hide it away. I bought something tonight that came in a cardboard box and made the mistake of not taking it out to the trash immediately. He scratched at it for probably a half hour (furiously scratching – I’m sure the neighbor could hear him, that’s what a ruckus he was making!) I finally hid it in the closet until I can take it out for trash.

If he is hungry, and you choose to ignore him because (A) it is three o’clock in the morning or (B) you’ve already fed him, he will howl and run and pounce on you with all the force his ten little pounds can muster.

Oh, I knew he had issues from the moment I brought his cute furry butt home. Being my third kitty, I totally disregarded all the “guidelines” about how to introduce them, etc. He stuck close to me and literally growled at Ramona & Nellie any time either would try to come near. To this day, he rules the roost – even though they are both larger than him (and Ramona could take him in a second!)

But I love him. He is my sweet baby boy. I mean, who couldn’t love that funny face?

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