100 Things…About Me!

I’ve seen this before on other blogs and thought it was really neat. So here are 100 things about me…I’ll try to stay with the obscure; some you may know and some you may not!

1. I wear a size 8 1/2 shoe.
2. I only like Nike sneakers.
3. I used to only wear Tretorn sneakers.
4. For many years, I scorned socks. And I do mean scorned.
5. I had scoliosis very badly when I was a kid.
6. I have a rod in my spine that straightened that out.
7. I was 5’8″ before the surgery and was 5’10” after.
8. I wear contacts.
9. I used to wear glasses because my eye dr thought I was too much of a scaredy cat to stick my finger in my eye.
10. My natural haircolor is totally grey and has been for a long time.
11. My grandmother turned grey in her teens.
12. I love mexican food.
13. My first dog was a Belgian Sheepdog named Prince. He was an absolute angel. I loved him so much. And he put up with everything from me!
14. I used to try to brush Prince’s teeth.
15. And swing him on the swingset.
16. I would also bury him in the sandbox (and my mom thanks me for his ear infections!)
17. I once asked my mom why our neighbor was dressed like a penguin. She was a nun. And in earshot. And didn’t like that one bit. But I was like two or three. Gimme a break.
18. In our first house, there was a mean old man who lived next door. There were wild strawberries that grew along the fence between our yards. One day I tried to pick one and he sprayed me with the hose.
19. I hit an old lady while riding my bike once.
20. I never rode my bike again.
21. I had chicken pox when I was five.
22. I once wore gold high heel shoes to school.
23. I never wear a heel higher than 1 1/2” inches now. It makes me feel too tall.
24. I used to hate being tall.
25. My best job ever was working at Dorney Park.
26. I did makeup for my senior production of “The King & I”.
27. I was an AIDS Peer Counselor at college.
28. I was also an orientation leader.
29. And President of Student Government my senior year.
30. I was founding sister of a national service sorority (Gamma Sigma Sigma).
31. I have a bachelor’s degree in Journalism with a concentration in Public Relations.
32. I have a dual master’s degree in Health Administration and Health Education.
33. I can’t swim.
34. I can’t drive a stick shift. I learned on one and then swore never to drive one again.
35. I love John Cusack movies.
36. I love all kinds of music…even country.
37. I like Nascar.
38. My birthstone is amethyst.
39. My favorite actresses are Julie Roberts and Goldie Hawn.
40. My favorite actors are John Cusack, George Clooney and Nicolas Cage.
41. My favorite tv shows are 7th Heaven and Grey’s Anatomy.
42. I don’t like reality tv.
43. I grew up as a Philadelphia Eagles fan and then for many years was a Dallas Cowboys fan. Fair weather fan that I am, I came back to the Eagles a few years ago.
44. I have three cats.
45. I find driving relaxing.
46. I love to read.
47. One of my favorite books of all time is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.
48. I like mysteries by Patricia Cornwell and Jonathan Kellerman.
49. I like chick lit.
50. I read a lot of self help nonfiction.
51. My favorite books of the Bible are Ruth and Isaiah.
52. My favorite boys’ names are Aidan, Isaiah, Nicholas and Jack.
53. My favorite girls’ names are Grace, Lily, Olivia and Anne.
54. I like it when animals have people names.
55. I once dated a guy from Scotland.
56. When I was in third grade, I made up a boyfriend to show off. When pressed, I said he moved to Australia.
57. I had a goldfish that lived for 16 years.
58. I like rain.
59. I don’t like to be cold.
60. I saw Donny Osmond in a hotel lobby in Tampa.
61. I met Dr. Ruth at a hotel in Fort Lauderdale.
62. I saw Aretha Franklin in a deli in NYC.
63. I love Jeffrey Gaines. We went to see him once and when we were entering the venue, he came in at the same time. My boyfriend held the door for him. He said hi and I couldn’t say anything. My boyfriend just said, “hey man”.
64. Two of my all time favorite songs are Jeffrey Gaines’ covers of “In Your Eyes” and “First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”.
65. When I get married, I want “Some Kind of Wonderful” by Grand Funk Railroad and “At Last” by Etta James to be played.
66. My two favorite cities are San Francisco and Washington, DC.
67. My favorite color is orange. As orange is not complementary in many ways, my second favorite color is red.
68. My eyes aren’t really brown. They are brown with green around the outside.
69. But I love the song “Brown Eyed Girl” anyway.
70. I love Greek food.
71. I’ll even eat lamb at a Greek restaurant. Otherwise, I don’t really – I feel bad about it.
72. I don’t eat veal for the same reason.
73. I don’t mind eating chicken or pork.
74. I love chocolate (did that even need to be said?!?)
75. I could eat ice cream all day, every day.
76. My favorite ice creams are chocolate chip mint, chocolate peanut butter and chocolate marshmallow.
77. In specialty ice creams, I like Edy’s ice cream sandwich ice cream and Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby, Phish Food and Marsha Marsha Marshmallow.
78. I visited the Ben & Jerry’s factory once. I took pictures of their cows, like I had never seen cows before.
79. I still sleep with a teddy bear.
80. I love to visit lighthouses.
81. My favorite lighthouses are Cape Neddick and Portland Head, both in Maine.
82. I would like to live in Maine some day.
83. I love anything fleece – tops, pants, blankets.
84. My birthday is my favorite day of the year.
85. I was going to get a tattoo once until I saw my friend do it first.
86. I don’t like pain and I certainly won’t pay for it.
87. I had a radio show in college.
88. I once set my jeans on fire in a bowling alley, on purpose (yes, I was wearing them at the time).
89. I’ve never broken a bone.
90. I like to entertain but don’t do it often.
91. I am developing a scrapbooking addiction.
92. Cinco de Mayo is my favorite holiday.
93. I won a second place award from the Morning Call newspaper for editorial writing in their Student Newspaper Advisory Program. The article was called, “The school, the school, the school is on fire…”
94. I didn’t keep any of my old newspaper articles from high school and I regret that now.
95. I started out writing sports for the high school paper – and knew NOTHING about sports.
96. I eventually ended up being co-editor-in-chief of that same paper my senior year.
97. I thought they were teasing me when they told me a zamboni machine cleaned the ice at hockey games. I was convinced they made that up.
98. I should never be allowed to drink Jolt cola.
99. I have panic attacks on really high escalators
100. I am terrible at math

So there you have it! 100 things about moi.

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