The Ice Storm Cometh..??

Believe it or not, I am actually hoping to awaken to find snow and ice on the ground as they are predicting. I am in desperate need of some extra sleep this week and have a million things that need my attention right now that I can’t get done while juggling work and other commitments.

Thankfully, there will be no guessing and wondering if I should try to make it in to work; my office is near a high school and if that school district is closed or delayed, so are we. It makes things so much easier that way. I was always so stressed trying to get to work in bad weather at my old job, never knowing what the roads were like in that area. And I know that even if it’s not bad down there but is bad up here, no one will fault me for staying home tomorrow.

Come on, snow & ice!!! (Yes, I may have lost my mind. It’s really quite possible.)

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