Freezing…grumble, grumble

I’m cold at work every day. For some reason, they can’t get the temperature regulated. People wear scarves and coats all day; my friend even gave me an electric throw blanket to use at work when it is too unbearable – and I have!

I’m cold at home. Not entire sure why, other than it takes a while to heat back up from me turning the thermostat down while I’m at work. That and the outlets and stuff not being insulated, so the wind whips right through them. I wonder also if my upstairs neighbor’s basement window being broken and just covered with flimsy cardboard has anything to do with it…hmmmmm…

And now it is supposed to snow up to 8 inches between Thursday evening and Friday at midday. Ack! I used to love snow when I was a kid – a chance for a snow day, sledding all day with Jess and Sheri and the rest of the gang. It never seemed COLD then!

Now that I’m a “grown up” who has to shovel, drive in it and get to work, I’m not so fond of snow anymore. And suddenly it is really cold!

Speaking of cold, I bought fleece sheets at Kohls on black Friday. The best winter purchase I have ever gotten, I must say! They make me not want to get up in the morning, but really, what else is new with that? I highly recommend them. Much better and cozier than flannel!

2 thoughts on “Freezing…grumble, grumble

  1. Yup, we had a snow day yesterday. It was really bad in the morning but by about 10 AM, it was sunny and clear.

    I've had years in the past where it took me hours to get home too. That's the worst!

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