Everyone limbo now!

Limbo (lim’bo) n.: a dance, originated in the West Indies, in which the dancers bend from the waist as far back as possible to pass beneath a bar that is put lower and lower. n.: any intermediate, indeterminate state or condition

I am in limbo at the moment (the second definition, though sometimes I feel like it’s the first…but that’s a completely different entry!) and it is making me crazy.


4 thoughts on “Everyone limbo now!

  1. Thanks, Shannon! I took your advice and started reading in Psalms last night. I also went back to a study I had been doing by Elizabeth George on Loving the Lord with All Your Mind. Last night was “Taking Your Thoughts Captive” – very appropriate!

  2. Good for you! I should take my own adive! Actually I was looking up a Scripture and started reading Proverbs. I want to see if I can find that book. Right now we are doing Joel Osteens book, Your Best Life Now. Our church does a bible study on Weds morning for women only. I love it! It's from Sept to June and I lead a table. I have 10 ladies all year, the same ladies. I really enjoy it, we are in our 2nd week now. Our Pastors wife lead it (she is also a Pastor). She is awesome! Check out our website on my page.

  3. Very cool! I will check out the site! This Elizabeth George study has a study guide with the book. It's great.

    There is a group of women at my church who are SAHMs and meet each week. My friend Cindy leads it, so I usually get the study and do it on my own along with them. We did a really good one last year by Elizabeth George, too, it's called “Life Management for Busy Women”. Definitely puts things in perspective!

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