Living in the Moment

Last night was Lansdale Bike Night. About 60,000 people show up for this event each year, showing off their hogs and hanging out. There are bands and food and merchandise set up all down Main Street. The past three or four years, my church has had space. We do free facepainting and balloon animals for the kids (you’d be surprised how much of a family event this really is!) and giving away free popcorn. It’s always a lot of fun – it’s my favorite outreach that we do. It was a long night though, and I am plumb tuckered out.

I just read an article this week about living in the moment and taking time to actually notice things. The article said you should try to notice at least six things a day. This is much harder than you’d think! Anyway, I tried to do it last night and I noticed:

A man with the orange mohawk with green tips
An orange chopper with purple flames on it
That there is a tattoo parlor on N. Towamencin Avenue

So I only got three. And today…well, nothing. I have to work on this! It seems unimaginable that in a whole day, I can’t think of six things I really and truly took time and notice of…

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