Forget the Terminator…

…meet the Urinator! Posted by Picasa

This is Norman, the love of my life. He is the sweetest, most loving of all my kitties. And yet he is the most troublesome! He is always getting into stuff, attacking Nellie, running around like a man on fire. And lately, peeing on the floor! I’ve had him to the vet for all kinds of tests. I’ve had the carpets steam cleaned. I put plastic down on the floor. I even bought one of those stupid automatic litterboxes (DON’T waste your money! Luckily, they took it back.) The only thing that might be having any effect – and I can’t tell for sure – is this stuff called Comfort Zone by Feliway. It’s a plug-in like those air fresheners but it releases a cat hormone that makes them relax and feel comfortable. I had one in the room where he frequently did this and he stopped for several weeks.

But I am a bad mom and the plug in ran out and I didn’t get another one. That was probably a week or even two ago. And here he goes again! Saturday and then again tonight. So I was back in the car, trekking to the only pet store around that seems to sell this. I got the refill and an entirely new plug-in for the living room. We’ll see if this is the answer! I sure hope something is!

2 thoughts on “Forget the Terminator…

  1. This may be the solution we've been looking for! I'm so glad I checked your site today. Frank tends to mark his territory by the door because the neighbor's cat hangs out on our porch. I'll have to get one of those comfort thingys.
    Liz S.

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