Extreme Basement Makeover

Whew! Today has been quite a day so far. I took the day off from work and my mom came down to help me clean up my basement. After seeing how a friend in the neighborhood had done hers, I wanted to create a space where kids can play when they come over or I can do crafts/scrapbooking and leave things spread out. But the basement was quite…well…crowded? That’s probably an understatement. I had a ton of junk. Some boxes had never even been opened from when I moved in two years ago.

We sorted and I had a ruthless attitude – if I hadn’t opened it or didn’t know what was in it, it was history. We ended up filling up the entire back of the Forester with stuff (stacked to the roof – we couldn’t even close the hatch all the way) and taking it to a local thrift store. I have about that much stuff to trash too – they’re going to love me on trash day! But the basement is much better organized and we’ve cleared a nice size space out. I can’t wait to get a rug and some things up down there to make it more like a finished room.

The best part,though, was spending the day with mamacita. She is so very organized (and a cleaning freak!) and I knew that she would be able to whip me and my evil basement into shape. Plus she knocked down all the cobwebs and spiders, which is a major thing in my spider-fearing book!

So now my back is yelling at me and I am in major need of a nap! But maybe that means I will sleep well tonight. I haven’t worked that hard since workcamp so I sure hope so.


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