On the Way to Cape May…

Actually, I just got back from two days in Ocean City! My friend and her familia have a house down there for a week and they invited me to come for some R&R. I got down there around lunch time on Monday and we headed out to the beach. It was overcast and the water was FULL of seaweed, but hey – I was at the beach. We lounged in the sand for a while talking and watching her son become a sand statue. Then we headed back to clean up and went out for dinner. After, we went to this great place called Ala Mode for ice cream! I had the St. Peter’s Gate – chocolate chip cookie, choc/pnut butter ice cream, hot fudge and real whipped cream. Yeah boy!!!!!!!

Yesterday was raining but we braved it for a trip to the boardwalk. I was under strict orders to get some Fralinger’s taffy and I knew I had to get some Laura’s Fudge….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And after that, I was headed to home sweet home. It was great to get away for bit! I wish it was longer. I need to plan a REAL vaca next year…I’ll need it after the workcamp again!

2 thoughts on “On the Way to Cape May…

  1. Hi Tricia

    OK…so I did a blogspot site. It's huckleberry56.blogspot.com. It's pretty rudimentary, but I'll flash it up soon.

    Glad to hear things are going well for you…found your nitch in life. Some of us take alot longer to find ours.

  2. Hi Tricia, love your blog! I just got up and running thanks to my long time friend, Paula and my newest friend, Ginger. Aren't friends awesome! Check us out! shannoncassaday.blogspot.com. I'm still adding things and I think I'm adding you! I really miss the Jersey shores and the boardwalk! Wow, fudge from the boardwalk! Yummy! We went back last year for a two week stay in Ocean City, what fun we had! Can't wait to do it again!

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