How Can It Be?

I remember being a kid and thinking time moved so slow – the summer seemed like a year long. Now it’s July 1, Fourth of July weekend, and I don’t know how I got here!

Some important news…I will NOT be attending Live 8. Not that any of you really thought I would but I can’t even stomach the thought of the heat, the people and the fact there they are expecting millions and only have 400 port-a-pottys. Yikes. It won’t be pretty down there…or anywhere around for that matter! I am going to position myself on my couch in the a/c and watch Stevie Wonder from afar.

In other (genuinely) important news, Sarah & Joe moved yesterday. I dropped by on my way home from work and was absolutely thrilled for them. Their new place is so very cool. The previous owners did murals in several of the rooms that are just too cool to begin to describe. They have a fantastic yard and a wonderful fenced in backyard and patio – it seemed so quiet and private. I’m so happy for them! I must have told Sarah it was “fabulous” 1500 times! (Sorry, schmoop.) Now the imminent question is…when’s the housewarming?!??!? : ) Just kidding…we’ll let you unpack first.

One thought on “How Can It Be?

  1. Hey, Tricia…

    How can it be July 2005! I still remember everyone freaking out about Y2K….and thank goodness that moniker is gone…at least until Y3K…and I won't be around to listen to that one.

    Sounds like you're keeping yourself pretty busy.

    Paul's new life starts on July 11. He secured a job, so he's joining the ranks of employed college graduates. He's still planning on working on his Master's, and the company he'll be working for offers a nice tuition reimbursement…whew.

    I'm looking for a new job. Eight years in one place is long enough for me, apparently. Day-Timers was seven years, and I thought that was long.

    The newlyweds are doing great. Don't see much of them, for obvious reasons.

    I went to Jessica and Kenny's on July 4th for dinner. He's SUCH a great cook.

    Not much else is new…vacation this week, so I get to fool around.

    Say hello to your mom and dad…and the kitties for me.


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