Revenge of the Sith

And so I have finally seen Revenge of the Sith. It is tradition that my dad and I go to see each of the Star Wars movies together so we went on Saturday. I was a little apprehensive, as he thought the last two were terrible. (I thought they were ok but could have done without Anakin and Padame running through the fields together.) But we both liked this one. I will say it was dark, as all the critics have warned, and it is definitely PG-13 for a reason. But I always enjoy a battle between good and evil…plus, the effects are pretty cool. There are several disturbing bits that I won’t go into so as not to spoil it for anyone but I thought for the most part, it was very well done. Now I want to go home and watch all the others again and analyze it all.

On another note, my parents are doing ok with the loss of Dena. They are talking about rescuing another female Saint so if anyone knows of any in need of a home, let me know. They don’t really want a puppy but one or two years old might be nice. Sam & Rocky spend all day growling at each other in their ongoing efforts to usurp each other as Alpha male so a female might help with that some.

Another busy week ahead – last night was a picnic at my friend Kim’s, tonight I have home group, tomorrow bible study, planning to garden Thursday and Friday I’m having a picnic. My town’s got a country fair going on and the fireworks are Friday – and they are phenomenal. And the best part is you can see them from my house clear as day. : ) So I am praying for good weather! Saturday I am getting together with my dear friend Nancy. I can’t wait for that – it will be so nice. We’ve known one another since kindergarten but lately our lives have been very hectic and we’ve battled to find time to get together and catch up. Can’t wait!


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